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The Crozier Center for Women



The Crozier Center for Women was established at Kenyon in 1985 to meet the needs of Kenyon's female community. The Center is located on Wiggin Street across from Seitz House, and is named for Doris Crozier, the first and only Dean of the Coordinate College for Women (1969-72). Crozier offers space for socializing, studying, discussion, meetings, and meals. The Center consists of three living rooms, a meeting room, a kitchen on the first floor, and a smaller study room/library on the second floor. Crozier is open daily from 7am to 2am, and encourages women to drop in for casual conversations, study, reflective time, or specific programs.

Programs and Events

Currently, the Center is home to such women's organizations as the Owl Creek Singers, the Women's Collective, and the Crozier Program Board. The Crozier Center has sponsored programs on such topics as women's health issues (nutrition, reproduction, health care, and stress), female influences in the world of work, similarities and differences among Kenyon women, and open discussions on feminism. In addition, Crozier sponsors numerous events, including an annual Celebration of Women Art Show and Coffeehouse, "Dessert and Discussion" sessions concerning women's issues, Global Cafe, lectures, and the Big Sisters program to help freshman women feel less alone at Kenyon.


The Crozier Center is a supporter of New Directions, a local women's shelter situated in Mount Vernon.


A gift of $25,000 from the L.C. and Margaret Walker Foundation of North Muskegon, Michigan and Stuart S. Walker K'90 made renovations possible for the Crozier Center in 1995. Alumni Jean Dunbar K'73 worked to increase the space and improve the design of the Center.

Resources in the Kenyon College Archives

  • Crozier Center -- collected materials
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