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Welcome to KCpedia, a collaborative online resource about the history and heritage Kenyon College and Gambier, Ohio. This site has two main functions: to document the factual history of the College, and to collect the stories and recollections (memorabilia) of those who have known Kenyon in some way themselves. These two facets are tracked through separate threads called Articles and Memorabilia. Each page on this site will contain these two threads, which can be accessed in tabs in the upper left hand corner of this panel on each page.

KCpedia is at its core, a 'collaborative' electronic encyclopedia, meaning anyone may contribute to this effort simply by creating an account and contributing content, either to articles or to discussions. More information on the structure of KCpedia is available below.

About Articles

Articles are the scholarly heart of KCpedia, intended to be thoughtful, accurate, and cited histories of all aspects of the College. Articles should adhere to the evolving Style Guide and should be written as impartial and factual essays with a neutral point of view. They reflect the generally-agreed upon consensus of those who have studied and experienced events, people, and places in the history of Kenyon College. All Articles are found on the "Article" tab for each topic.

About Memorabilia Kenyonensia

Along with the more formal historical entries in KCpedia, we're also seeking the not-so-formal recollections, reflections, stories, perspectives and memories on any topic related to Kenyon history -- the memorabilia. These are likely to take the form of a series of vignettes, and don't need to be tied together in cohesive narrative, nor cited. This material can be entered by anyone who registers on this site and should be included in the "Discussion" page for each topic. Fundamentally, we want to collect the stories of those who have experienced Kenyon ... of any shape, size, or nature, so please contribute yours! Memorabilia Kenyonensia was the title of a column included in the first years of the Collegian as a collection of vignettes discussing the goings-on at Kenyon.

Context and Purpose

As an encyclopedia of material related to the history of Kenyon College, this resource is intended to be rich and informative in its content. We strive to provide access to a broad range of well-written and useful articles for the general public and those interested in learning more about Kenyon, its mission, its place, its people, and its stories. It is however, like other encyclopedias, not intended to be cited as a definitive source on Kenyon history. Articles are reviewed and edited for accuracy, though any researcher doing scholarly work should consult the included references to draw their own conclusions. We work hard to ensure that all the scholarly work on this site is properly cited to provide subsequent researchers a roadmap to follow in the research. Therefore this site should be used as a summative launching point for additional research on topics relating to Kenyon College, not as a replacement for using cited materials. KCpedia is background material intended to lead and direct deeper study, not the final scholarly word on any topic contained herein.

What KCpedia Is and What It Is Not

KCpedia Is ...

  • An independent community resource founded on respect for others and their perspectives.
  • Open for all to participate in their own way.
  • Intended to be as accurate, complete, and rich in content as possible.
  • A starting point for further research into the history of Kenyon College.

KCpedia Is Not ...

  • Peer-reviewed, restricted, or "locked-down" - things here can be ever-evolving.
  • A place for rumor, hearsay, or any inappropriate content about people in the Kenyon community.
  • A place for political, partisan, rude, or harassing conduct or content. Content should be fair and balanced.
  • Tolerant of those who intentionally break the community atmosphere with inappropriate conduct.


KCpedia is published by and Christopher Barth and hosted in Los Angeles, California. The site software is the open source MediaWiki software also powering many other online encyclopedia sites, including Wikipedia. Some work on KCpedia is supported, though not owned or managed by Kenyon College. Kenyon College is not responsible or liable for any content appearing on this website. As this resource is collaborative, and freely editable, no guarantees or warranties are expressed for any information included on this website. All material contributed to KCpedia is made under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. Material under copyright by other parties may not be posted to this site without permission, and will be removed if identified.

KCpedia Staff

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